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Follow up Goodbye (only when customer confirms resolved)

Use > Acknowledging a customer´s thank you message on solved tickets without sending a public reply (i.e. keeping one touch % high first reply rate high).

Situation > You have sent only 1 reply to the customer, the customer has confirmed the problem is solved and is thanking you, you want to give a friendly confirmation but keep a high first reply rate.

Macro >English::0 Customer::1 Follow up Goodbye (only when customer confirms resolved)


  • To be used only when the customer confirms the issue is fully solved
  • Macro will not send a public reply but once we update the case (set to solved) using the macro, the Zendesk ticket will be tagged, which will then action a notification to be sent out to the customer, thanking them for their message:
    • "Thanks for your email ... That's great news! We are pleased that everything worked out! If you ever need assistance again, don't hesitate to contact us. We've now marked your request as resolved. Have a great day.Thanks!"
  • Ticket Status is set to solved
  • The customer will immediately receive the notification (above)

To verify that the notification has been sent:

  • Via the ticket events you will see the below:
  • The following ticket tag added: 
    • trigger_solved_goodbye
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