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Which currency am I charged in?

iTunes:  Irrespective of the international store you will be charged in the currency of your iTunes account + VAT from the iTunes country.  To be charged in a different currency sign up for a new iTunes account adding a credit card from that country

  • As a signed out user or a user with no payment profile in zinio you will see the currency and VAT of the international store in which you are browsing. 
  • Once you sign in both the currency and VAT will be updated to that of your Billing Information > Country (as entered on the Payment Information Page)  
  • However where there is a conflict between billing information > country and the credit card origin (i.e. country of the bank) customer will be charged in the currency/local taxes of the credit card origin.

Should you wish to be charged in another currency please pay with a credit card from that country.  

Note:  Brazil, Argentina and Mexico newsstand currency is USD (not local currencies) For most countries without a newsstand in ZINIO customer are charged in USD.




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