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How to read a Zinio Publication (Win8 device/Tablet)

To read a Zinio Publication through your Win8 device, please:

  • Ensure you have an internet connection
  • Install the Zinio App (first time access only)
  • Sign in
  • Go “read” from Home > Here you will see all your purchased publications
  • Tap on the cover of the publication to download  and read it

 The library can be viewed in two different formats by library or archived issues. Once in the library, swipe  the screen from the bottom to the top to expose the view icon shaped like an eye.

Your library can also be filtered by year, month and title. To adjust the filters simply swipe the screen from the bottom to the top.  Select the icon that resembles a filter or funnel shaped object. Keep in mind that filtering is a great way to avoid spending your time searching for a particular publication.

For navigation tips through the Win8 device click here

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