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Troubleshooting: Grey screen or Technical issue (Zinio Reader 4)

If you are having technical issues please:

  • Ensure you are connected to the internet

Once you have confirmed this please:

  • Close the Zinio Reader 4
  • Restart your computer
  • Open the Zinio Reader 4, try to open a different publication >If it works normally most likely the problem is with the content of the publication, please report this to us including the publication name and issue for us to investigate.

If you obtain the same results for all publications it may be necessary to reinstall the Zinio Reader 4. Please be aware that this will result in having to download all the publications again.

  • Delete the Zinio Reader 4
  • Reinstall the Zinio Reader 4
  • Once installed go to read and log on to your account

This should fix the problem you're having.

Our recommendation to have the best reading experience is to use our apps within iPad or Android or the online reader at while we are busy developing a new offline reading experience!

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