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How to get my existing Zinio purchases on my new computer (Zinio Reader 4)

If you recently restored or switched to a new computer we would recommend that you use the Online Reader, which can be found on - “YOUR LIBRARY”, rather than Zinio Reader 4. We are busy developing a new offline reader and are aware of some bugs on the Zinio Reader 4 and would not recommend spending time downloading publications when this software will be obselete shortly.  Within the online reader you have full access to your historical and current library.  Alternatively we have offline Apps available for iOS and Android Devices

Should you still want to use the Zinio Reader 4 please:

  • Install, sign in and open the Zinio Reader 4
  • Click “Check for new magazines” at the bottom left on the toolbar.

You will need to download again your publications in order to read them offline.

In “My magazines” page the library will display all purchased publications. If you are missing a publication remember the Zinio Reader 4 lets you sort by name or by date.


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