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Troubleshooting: Why did I receive an email requesting me to update my billing information?

Zinio sends an email requesting customer to update billing information when a subscription on your account recently expired and we were unable to charge your credit card for it's renewal, either because the card has changed (since the last purchase of this subscription) or expired. Please note that this subscription was set to automatic renewal based on your account settings prior to the last issue being served.

To continue with your subscription, you will need to click on the link in the email you received, proceed with entering your billing information and completing your renewal purchase. (You must do it from the link in the email, and not through

If you had this subscription set to renew automatically by mistake, or have since chosen not to continue, you may disregard this email.

Please note you may receive up 3 reminders over the course of a few weeks. These emails are automated and cannot be stopped, however after the 3rd email you will not be notified again (unless you have another subscription expiring soon).

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