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Troubleshooting: Can’t find an issue on the Zinio Reader (Zinio Reader 4)

To verify that a publication has been delivered to your account,

  • Go to >Sign in> My Library

If the issue is displayed on Zinio.Com then you have the entitlement to read this publication.  

Go back to the Zinio reader 4

  • From my magazines view go to the bottom toolbar and click on the refresh arrow to ensure you have the latest content (if this is showing offline please read on for now and try back a little later)
  • Filter by name to check for the title (if the title is indexed under the wrong month let us know and we can sort this)
  • Check that the publication has not been deleted.

If you are still unable to find it, please contact us with the publication name so we can look into this further for you.

Our recommendation to have the best reading experience is to use our apps within iPad or Android or the online reader at while we are busy developing a new offline reading experience!

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