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How to delete the Zinio Reader Windows XP (Zinio Reader 4)

To delete Zinio Reader 4 from Windows XP please follow the steps below.

First, make sure the "hidden folders" are shown on your system:

  • Click Start > Settings > Control Panel -> “Folder Options” (or “Appearance and Personalization” > “Folder Options”).
  • Click “Show Hidden Files and Folders”, and then click the radio button next to "Show Hidden files and folders" and press OK.

Next, follow these steps to remove the adobe air data folder:

  • Close Zinio Reader 4
  • Go to: C:\Documents and Settings\YourWindowsUserName\Application Data\Adobe\

Delete this directory – AIR

  • Try to open Zinio Reader 4 now. Did it resolve the problem? If not, please see below.

           Additional steps (make sure not to skip any steps as this process will not work if one is missed).

  • Go to: C:\Documents and Settings\YourWindowsUserName\Application Data\

Delete this directory - ZinioReader4.931…

If the Zinio Alert Messenger folder appears, then delete (ZinioAlertMessenger931…)

  • Empty your "Recycle Bin"
  • Now try to re-open the Reader 4 application. You should be prompted to accept the "Zinio Reader 4 License Agreement".

             If you do not see this then please try these steps again as one of them may have been missed.

  • During the reinstall process please make sure to choose the following download options during  opening prompts:  "None," "Manually" and "No Thanks".
  • Download the Zinio Reader 4 here to reinstall

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