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How to Bookmark Articles

To bookmark (or mark a page as a favorite) in the Zinio App:

  • Go to “Read” (the book icon)
  • Open a publication and tap on the page you wish to bookmark
  • Tap once on the screen to display the options
  • In the top right of the page you will see a ribbon icon (this is the bookmark feature) tap it and it will turn blue and bookmark the page.

To see or edit your bookmarks

  • Go to “Read”
  • On the read homepage you will see the same ribbon at the top of the screen (before you open the publication)
  • Tap on it to view
  • Tap on the (X) to remove it or
  • Tap on the pencil to Edit the title.

Please note that the preview/explore pages of publications that are not in your library cannot be bookmarked.

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