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Troubleshooting: Can not install the Zinio App (iOS)

If you are unable click on the "FREE" icon in the App Store to download the Zinio app or maybe the app says it "Installed" but you are unable to locate it on your device, you may need to change the restrictions on your iTunes account.

From your computer:
1. Open iTunes
2. Go to the Edit menu and select Preferences.
3. Select the "Parental" tab
4. Scroll down and under "Content Restrictions" make sure that "12+" apps are NOT restricted.
5. Sync you iPad/iPhone/iTouch with iTunes.

From your device:
1. From your Home Screen, launch "Settings"
2. Navigate to General> Restrictions (enter password if prompted)
3. Verify under "Allowed Content" that the Apps is set to 17+ or All.

The Zinio App should now appear on the Home Screen of your iPad or iPhone. 

Some users may be unable to change these settings if using a device that is not owned by them or has certain restrictions (corporate, educational or other provisioning profiles).

If the Zinio app is not available in your App store, this may be because of an Apple restriction. Please note that some countries(i.e. UAE) do not allow 17+ rated apps.

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