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How to use a Promo Code (ZINIO.COM)

To use a ZINIO promo code please,

  • Follow the general instructions on how to buy until you get to the Payment Information Page 
  • Ensure you enter:
    1. credit card details
    2. billing address (this is essential for all purchases)
  • Go to the box "Enter Code of Gift Card"

3. enter the promo code in this box

Note these 3 steps have to be followed by order, if not an error message might appear.  


  • If you have your billing information stored please enter the

1) The CVV
2) The promo code

  • Click "Apply" 
  • Valid codes will be confirmed with a green tick and show the amount that has been discounted (is now reflected in the price)
  • Then click to "complete purchase"

Note before entering the code you will see the full price


Once you enter the code and click apply the price is updated to reflect the promo code

Click here for further information about gift cards

For more information on how to add multiple items to your cart please see here

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