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Error Message: This magazine offer or download page cannot be found or Invalid Coupon Email

The error message, "This magazine offer or download page cannot be found" or "Invalid Coupon Email"?, indicates you are trying to access a publication with an account which does not have entitlements to access this publication.

The most common reason is that you have two email addresses registered with Zinio and you are trying to access with the email which does not have the entitlement.

If you purchased via a publisher or third party please ensure that the email address you provided during the order process is the same email address you use with Zinio. If not your publications will not be added to your correct Zinio account and you will see the above error.

To make it easier for you we would be happy to merge your accounts so all of your publications are on the same account. If you wish to merge two accounts, contact us and specify the email addresses you need merged as well as which one you want as the primary account.

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