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Delivery: Missing Magazine (3rd party/publisher order)

If you believe that you are missing a copy of a publication which you ordered via the publisher/3rd party, please:

  • Double check you are using the correct email. If you gave a different email to the publisher/3rd party perhaps it is being delivered to another email account. -> In this case contact them to change the email address or set up a new Zinio Account for that email address
  • Confirm that the digital purchase should be delivered by Zinio and not another digital provider.

Although Zinio delivers your publication on behalf of the publisher, Zinio does not manage your subscription. If Zinio receives a request from the publisher to make a delivery to you - we will do so automatically.

Please note that it can take a publisher up to 4-6 weeks to send us a file including the list of their new digital subscribers. If it has been longer than this allotted period and you still have not received your issue, you will need to contact whomever you purchased the subscription from to ensure that everything is set up correctly, in particular the email address.

When you contact them please don't mention digital until they locate your account. They'll ask for your zip code and last name to locate your account. Once they've found your account they can give you details. Verify that your subscription is active, that it is set up for the digital version, and that your email address on file with the publisher matches your Zinio email address exactly. If all of this information is correct, please request that they resubmit your information to Zinio, as soon as we get their authorization we will deliver this to your account.

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