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New Zinio User/Getting Started

To get started on Zinio. If you have not created a Zinio account yet, please go to  Creating an account is Free! (If you already have a subscription through a publisher or third party, please be sure to register using the same email address that was used when your subscription was purchased.)

You can also access via installing the Zinio App on iPad and iPhone, Android or Windows 8 Apps…  

Once you're logged in, you will have access to purchase thousands of issues and publications as well as free featured articles.

You can purchase content from the website, or the apps, and access it from multiple devices. Please read the subscription features on each publication's offer page to see which platforms it is available on.

You can read publications, a PC or Mac directly on going to “Your Library” or on the go online or offline using the Zinio Reader applications (for iPhone iPad, Android, Win8).

When you have a subscription, the entitlement is delivered to your Zinio account right after it's approved by the publisher, and it can be accessed immediately. You will also receive an email notification as soon as a new issue becomes available. The notification will direct you to your Library where you can view your publication online or download it for offline viewing.

Back issues are also for sale on our website. Please check availability for your device on the publication features section of the page or contact us for information.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us - where are here to help.

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