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General Info on Z-Pass

Q: What is Z-Pass?

A: You choose 3 of your favorite titles from over 300 magazines for just $5/month and the first month is free. There are no commitments--you can also swap titles up to 3 times per month or add additional titles for as low as $1.50 a month.

Q: How often will I get my issues?

A: Your new issues are delivered to your Zinio library as soon as they are available on our newsstand. We will notify you with an email and mobile notification as soon as each magazine is available, Make sure you enable your mobile notification.

Q: How do I sign up for Z-Pass? Can I sign up on my iPad or other mobile device?

A: Z-Pass is available on You can also go to and click on Shop Magazines Remember to download the Zinio award winning app and read your magazines anywhere, anytime on any device. Z-Pass will be available for purchase on mobile devices later this year.

Q: How can I find out what titles are currently available on Z-Pass?

A: Go to to see the titles that are in the program. You can also browse within and look for the Add to Z-Pass button on the magazine's offer page.

Q: How do I swap out the magazines in my Z-Pass?

A: You can exchange up to 3 Z-Pass titles per month. After logging in, go to the Account Settings page at and look for the Z-Pass tab. You can swap within the 300 titles available in Zpass, if you want to swap in a premium you will be charged a Z-Pass exclusive price (lower than the regular subscription price) and billed monthly in addition to the $5 Z-Pass fee.

Q: What are add-ons and how do they work?

A: Want more than just 3 magazines? You can add Z-Pass eligible titles for only $1.50/month or premium titles that range from $2.99/month--$9.99/month.

Q: How do premium titles work?

A: Interested in adding Newsweek, Bloomberg Businessweek or another premium title to your Z-Pass? You can add these by visiting your Z-Pass Settings page and clicking on Add Another Magazine. Premium titles are available at an exclusive Z-Pass price between $2.99--$9.99/month

Q: How much does it cost and when will I be billed?

A: Z-Pass members get 3 magazines for a flat rate of $5 per month, first month free. Add-on issues and premium titles are an additional cost and will be charged at the time of purchase and added to your monthly billing of Z-Pass. The first charge for your membership will occur 30 days after signing up for Z-Pass, and subsequently every 30 days.

Q: Can I pay with PayPal?

A: We are only able to accept payments for Z-Pass using a credit card at this time.

Q: How do I cancel my Z-Pass?

A: You can cancel at any time under the Z-Pass tab on your Account Settings page at Future Z-Pass deliveries will be discontinued and you will not be charged for the next billing cycle. Even after you cancel, you can still enjoy the entitlements you have previously received.

Q: Why are some magazines not available for Z-Pass?

A: We have selected a small number of our more popular titles to include in the Z-Pass bundle. Please stay tuned as more of your favorite titles become available as Z-Pass grows. 

Q: Does signing up for Z-Pass effect my current Zinio subscriptions?

A: Z-Pass will not disrupt your current subscriptions. However, if you choose a title as part of your Z-Pass to which you're currently subscribed, that subscription will be placed on hold while your Z-Pass membership is fulfilled. After ending your Z-Pass or swapping the title out of your selections, your previous subscription will start back up and continue regularly.

Q: Can I use Zinio Bucks, Credits or other forms of payments for Z-Pass?

A: Z-Pass vouchers begin with "ZPASS" and can be applied at the time of purchase. These vouchers are not eligible for add-ons and premiums. Regular Zinio credits or vouchers cannot be applied to a Z-Pass purchase.


This information is based upon Z-Pass in the USA, different prices apply for other Newstands which offer Z-Pass

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