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Launching Zinio Reader 5 (ZR5)

We are excited to announce the launch of our Zinio Reader 5.  ZR5 Online (available now in all countries) and ZR5 Offline Readers now launched in Singapore, Philippines, India, South Africa and New Zealand (more countries coming soon)

The ZR5 Online will give customers the ability to read magazines online on desktops, tablets and smartphones without the need to install any third party software (such as Adobe Flash), downloading an app or being restricted to the rules placed by Apple or Google.  

Furthermore the ZR5 Offline will give customers the option to download magazines to desktops and laptops to read anywhere, any place and any time with or without an internet connection

To enhance the reading experience for customers, the ZR5 has the ability to display publications in the standard magazine view or text view.  This is a feature which was unavailable in our previous versions of the online reader.  Text view gives customers the ability to change font size or display the screen in night/day mode, thus giving more flexibility especially to smart phone or tablet users. (This feature's availability is established by the Publisher and may not always be available)

Most issues 2014 onwards are now available in the ZR5.  We are busy converting our complete back catalogue to enable access to the new ZR5. This will take some time.  If a back issue has not yet been converted, will automatically open the relevant reader, the new ZR5 Online or the previous online reader.  The ZR5 Offline will display a message requesting you to read online or in the ZR4.

To fully enjoy the ZR5 (Online) we recommend using it with a strong internet connection and with Google Chrome as your browser. 

Note: As ZR5 Offline is a BETA version we expect further updates in the near future, and recommend that you only download current magazines and not the entire back catalogue.











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