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New Cart (October 22nd 2015)

Based upon customer feedback we have launched a new layout of our cart. The key changes include: 

  • Once you click "subscribe"or "buy issue" you will be presented with the following screen where you can "Remove" the product from your cart,  "Checkout Now" or "Continue Shopping".  Remember the price shown at this stage will be excluding VAT/Tax

  • Once you click "checkout now" you will be taken to the new layout of our cart page.  If you wish to pay with the credit card on file simply enter your CVV security code and "Complete the purchase"   

If all the details are correct when you click "Complete purchase" it will change to "Processing" and a few moments later you will receive a notification on your screen, "Thank you for your purchase." and details of your order number.  


  • If you wish to pay with a new credit card (or update your billing address or the cardholder name) please click on "EDIT" on the checkout page to display the "Add a Credit or Debit Card" option, then complete the a valid card number and CVV, double checking Card Holder Name and Billing address are still correct. Once complete click on "complete purchase" to purchase with the new details and save them to your account.


  • If the "complete purchase" box is irresponsive, i.e. inactive and not changing to "processing" this indicates there is an error in the order or billing information which needs to be reviewed.  Please review the error message (normally at the top of the screen in red), fixing the problem before clicking once again on "complete purchase"

  • If any boxes are highlighted in red, this indicates there is something which needs your attention before continuing with your purchase.  Once this issue has been resolved, the red box will disappear, please see the example below where the credit card number and CVV need to be completed.    

  • Please remember you are only able to make a purchase for the same subscription once every 24 hours.  If you try to buy a publication twice within the same 24 hour period you will be presented with a message stating "You have already purchased "Publication Name".  Furthermore it will be highlighted in red and you will need to delete this from your cart.
  • If you receive the error message:  "The following publications have different pricing in the country stated on your billing address: Publication Name", this means the price is different in your local store (as set by the publisher).  Please "remove" this from your cart, update your Zinio store to match the one on your credit card and then you should be able to purchase at the correct local price.  (In the example below you see a customer with a UK Billing Address - Edinburgh/UK buying from the US Store in US$ rather and GBP, the customer would need to go to the Zinio GB store to see the correct local price as established by this publisher)

  • If you receive the error message:  "The following publications are not available for purchase in the country stated on your billing address", this means that the publisher has restricted the regions in which this publication is sold.  Please check the Zinio store linked to your credit card to see if an international version is available for sale there. 



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