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Publisher News - Complete Wellbeing (India)

Please find attached a message from the publisher of Complete Wellbeing (India)

"Ever since the magazine was launched about ten years ago, we have strived to publish a magazine that makes a positive difference to the lives of our readers, despite overwhelming odds. Not once did we compromise our business values.

But, as you are likely aware, the print magazine industry has been struggling for several years. However, over the past couple of years, the situation here in India has gone from bad to worse; the print media, especially the magazine industry, has been under tremendous pressure. On the one hand, the costs of printing, production and transportation have risen rapidly and on the other hand advertisers have been diverting their ads to other media such as TV and online. This has made the business model of magazines impossible to sustain, especially for an independent magazine like ours, which is not affiliated to any large publishing or media house.

In view of the above and in order to evaluate options and chart the best way forward, we have decided to suspend our next three issues: July, August and September. We may or may not continue with the print edition after three months but as of now we do intend to continue the digital edition."


If you have a Zinio Subscription the October Issue is expected to automatically arrive in you account after the 3 issue suspension.  

For new customers, you can continue to buy back issues of this publication and subscriptions should be available again in October.

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