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How to Identify the Zinio Reader being displayed (ZR5)

There are currently two readers available on  Most recent issues  are now available in the ZR5.  We are busy converting our complete back catalogue to enable access to the new ZR5. This will take some time.  If a back issue has not yet been converted, will automatically open the relevant reader, the new ZR5 Online or the previous online reader.  To identify the reader you are in please refer to the below images:


Online Reader (OLR)


  • The Online Reader (OLR) can be identified by the Navigational Bar appearing at the bottom of your screen.


 Zinio Reader 5 Online (ZR5 Online)


  • The Zinio Reader 5 Online (ZR5 Online) can be identified by the Navigational Bar appearing at the left side of your screen.  Furthermore to enhance the reading experience for customers, the ZR5 has the ability to display publications in the standard magazine view or text view.  This is a feature which was unavailable in our previous versions of the online reader.



For further information in regards to the Launch of Zinio Reader 5 (ZR5), please see here.


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