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Discontinued Readers

For several years now we have no longer supported Zinio Reader 4 and the Windows 8 Readers.  With the recent upgrade to our platforms the following readers will no longer receive new issues of magazines 

  • Android v 2.8 and below (including Kindles)
  • iOS v 3.4.6 and below
  • ZR5
  • ZR4 
  • Windows 8
  • ZINIO for Libraries iOS and Android Apps

To continue to enjoy new issues of your subscriptions and your favourite magazines please read on the following 


Please note our system compatibility in this article:  Which Platforms is ZINIO compatible with?

If you miss issues and have the latest reader installed please see this article Troubleshooting: Where are my Magazines?

Although Kindle is not officially supported please find help here:  Troubleshooting: Access via Kindle Fire





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